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“Secret Encounter” by The Gate Fragrances Paris intricately blends bergamot, jasmine, and white musk, evoking Parisian mystique. A symphony of allure and intimacy, it captures fleeting moments in the city, weaving a narrative of elegance and secrecy.

Secret Encounter


Eau De Parfum Spray 
  • Design House: The Gate Fragrances Paris
  • Fragrance Notes: Citrus Cocktail, Crushed Leaves, Citrate Mint, Pear Sorbet, Green Lemonade
  • Year Introduced: 2015
  • Recommended use: Casual

The Gate Fragrances Paris‘ “Secret Encounter” encapsulates an exquisite olfactory journey that captures the essence of serendipitous moments. With meticulous craftsmanship, this fragrance intertwines the allure of Parisian elegance with an air of enigmatic mystique. The top notes play a harmonious tune of citrusy bergamot and vibrant blackcurrant, setting the stage for an unexpected rendezvous. As the scent develops, delicate petals of jasmine and sensual white musk embrace the senses, evoking a sense of intimacy that lingers in the memory. “Secret Encounter” is a symphony of emotions, an invitation to explore the hidden depths of one’s desires, and a testament to The Gate Fragrances’ mastery in blending art and scent. Parisian streets become the backdrop, and each spritz becomes a whispered secret, a fleeting connection that resonates long after the encounter.

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The absolute greatest of all time. I have been wearing this since I was in high school in the 90s! I get compliments every time I wear it. It smells clean and fresh. My favorite by far!
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I absolutely adore this Perfume
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My husband only wears this perfume and he loves it. The fragrance is neat and clean and does not overpower. The ending notes are pretty decent as well. Overall, a nice wear for both men & women.
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It smells pretty good it is just perfect not to strong, straight out the shower vibes. Also has like a baby lotion smell to it but idk its just me!!
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a lighter cologne that you can definitely for everyday use. first time getting this cologne and definitely will get it again.
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Smells amazing great fragrance to buy if you’re unsure. Great price.

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